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Health & Hygiene


My policy is to provide you and your pet a high standard of service and cleanliness which is very important. In order to protect your pet all equipment, tools and surfaces will be cleaned and sterilised after every dog grooming process.


All pets must be healthy and fit and any pets’ who are sick or elderly will be accepted entirely at the owners own risk.


In some cases, grooming may highlight unexpected skin or health problems that I cannot be held liable for. I expect all pets to be vaccinated before any grooming treatments. I will ensure your pet has the full care and attention during their stay. However I must make it clear that you understand and agree I except all pets at the owners own risk.


Obviously our main concern is the welfare of your pet, so in the event of injury

or illness while your pet is with me at Woof Cuts Studio, it may become

necessary for me to call a vet for advice. However I will try to contact the

owner first and foremost. In the event that a Vet has been called in, and

unless it can be clearly shown that Woof Cuts Studio are liable,


All the costs in connection with the vets being called and any treatments

shall be at the owners own expense.

Please note T&C apply to all services.

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