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On or before your first visit I would go through with you, your dogs likes and dislikes, any problems with arthritis, skin problems, special shampoo, warts, etc: just for my records and to help me to use the right equipment and products and most important to keep the dog safe and happy.  


My studio is situated at my country cottage on the Llyn Peninsula with lovely surroundings and a garden area for the dogs to play in while waiting for their owners. Or if the owners prefer their dogs not to mix with other dogs that absolutely fine. They can stay inside and relax with me, I do have cages because some dogs are used to them and feel safer. I will leave it up to you to decide. Some dogs don’t like to mix so I can keep them away from the others.


My studio has all the latest top of the range equipment but still has the comforts of home sweet home. My dogs have the choice of pottering around outside in the garden (which is fully fenced round) and can play, or they can come in and have a nap or just chill out.


Some dogs may get stressed going to the groomer, I am professionally trained to deal with different types of dog behaviour,  with a relaxed soft approach and lots of patience you can relax the dog and make it a pleasant experience and they will want to come back again and again. Regular grooming is a treat and essential for your dogs well being and health.


I know from experience that some nervous and timid dogs need constant reassurance and attention to ease them gently through the grooming process. There are different methods and I will work out which method required to best suit your dog.


An elderly dog will needs lots of reassurance as well as lots of rest between the bathing, drying and grooming process, which is not a problem as long as the dog is happy and content I will allow more time when arranging the booking.


You and your dogs needs are paramount to me and making sure you and your dog are happy and content with the service I provide is of upmost importance to me, please tell me of any special needs you or your dog may have and I will do my best to make sure those needs are catered for.

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Please note T&C apply to all services.

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Outside Play Area